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Indoor installation of CHP system

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Clean Energy Technology:  Greener Solutions for Electricity, Hot Water, Heating, and Cooling

Research indicates that customers prefer businesses that don’t just “talk green,” but show real commitment to environmental stewardship in their daily operations. This increasingly sophisticated and demanding marketplace dictates that property owners and managers find effective and efficient energy solutions to stay competitive not only on their balance sheets, but also in the minds of their customers.

American DG Energy offers a variety of clean energy technologies, including combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, natural-gas cooling, and heat pumps to provide energy costs savings along with environmental and economic benefits to our customers. In fact, American DG Energy has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency for its carbon reduction efforts. These carbon offsets can earn carbon credits, which are monetized in some markets.

Combined heat and power (CHP)

The highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP), also called cogeneration systems deployed by American DG Energy, can reduce your carbon emissions by nearly 50%, offsetting nearly 18,000 tons of carbon dioxide for a 300-room apartment building, hotel, or healthcare facility (approximately 250 KW) over the course of our typical agreement.

Natural-Gas Cooling

Our natural-gas engine-driven chillers require less fuel, reduce demand on the grid, and can help your business shrink its carbon footprint. Plus, the on-site cooling keeps your building safe from summer blackouts and maintains uninterrupted comfort even on the hottest days.

High-efficiency hot water heaters / heat pump

Ideal for commercial and industrial sites with substantial hot water requirements, our high-efficiency hot water heaters / heat pumps are twice as efficient as conventional gas-fired boilers and produce significantly fewer emissions. Water-heating efficiency is especially important, because it is the second largest use of energy in most buildings, after space heat.

“Selecting American DG Energy’s On-Site Utility energy solution was one of the easiest executive decisions I’ve ever made.”

President and CEO
Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility