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Outdoor installation of CHP system
Outdoor installation of CHP system

Read the “Trent Center East” case study to learn how a high-rise residential complex was able to avoid a $450,000 capital expenditure.

Learn more about the benefits of an On-Site Utility.

View our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Certificate from the EPA.

Onsite Energy Solutions & Energy Savings for Education
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You want to save on your energy costs, but budgets are tight and capital is not available for an energy project – even one that would reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions. With our On-Site Utility, American DG Energy can help – and no capital expenditure is required.

Our On-Site Utility energy solution for combined heat and power (CHP), heat pumps and chiller systems is ideal for educational institutions since it lowers your energy costs with no capital investment. With our On-Site Utility you only pay for the energy you use. Plus our guaranteed discounted rate on energy improves your cash flow from our first day of operation. The energy cost savings go directly to your bottom line and can be re-allocated to other improvement projects. And, our energy systems help you meet your environmental and green goals.

Additionally, since we are your 100% outsourced solution for on-site energy systems, you won't have to manage the system yourself. American DG Energy will manage the installation, operation and maintenance for you. With our On-Site Utility you retain no responsibility for the system. We take care of everything, from site evaluation and system design to performance optimization, so you can focus on your other capital projects, rather than your energy systems.

For those institutions who have the capital and in-house capability to operate and maintain on-site energy systems themselves, we also offer complete turnkey installation packages.

“Selecting American DG Energy’s On-Site Utility energy solution was one of the easiest executive decisions I’ve ever made.”

President and CEO
Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility